Ed Majeski

Phone: (440) 476-2217
Email: ed@mesales.co

Ed graduated from the Cleveland State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. He brings 30 years of experience in sales from some great firms. As a native of Northeast Ohio and the Cleveland area we are truly happy to have him join our team, Ed will be representing our manufacturers in these areas of Ohio.  

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Karen Keith
Phone: (800) 860-2276
Email: karen@mesales.co

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At Midwestern Electrical Sales we discovered long ago that providing professional product and market knowledge, unbeatable customer service, and extensive industry experience are a vital key to maintaining a successful business relationship with our customers and manufacturers.

Assets we bring to our manufacturers!

Ability to grow their sales by increasing market share in our territory!

We provide our customers with support, from distributor sales to end users!

The above assets can only be realized because of our willingness to commit 50% or our time on end user relationships and support. It is our belief that incorporating successful marketing efforts into a vision for the future that includes sales and agency growth, increased use of available technology, and continued dedication to end user relationships and support will ensure our agency a prominent role in the marketplace.

Serving Ohio & Michigan Since 1967

Karen Keith is the glue that holds it all together! Karen manages the Sales Office and is vital to the success of all we do!

Brad Reeves joined the team in August 2011 and currently serves as CEO of Midwestern Electrical Sales. Brad covers the Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio Regions as well.

Brad Reeves

Phone: (614) 496-6318
Email: brad@mesales.co